Orchard Road, Orchard Rd

Available: Cherries, Strawberries, Red Kiwis & Red Grapes
  • Luscious looking, sweet and dark red cherries are tasty and welcoming summer fruits that are too hard to resist!
  • A good source of vitamin C with naturally occurring melatonin, particularly when it comes from tart cherry juice beverages
  • Little hearts shared with every serving. Cherries and strawberries are loved by the entire family
  • Succulent with just the faintest hint of tartness. Sweet cherries are firm, glossy, and beautiful in deep red. Ahhh
  • No more chocolates or chips. Choose red for your next fresh healthy treat!
Available: Apricot
  • One cup of dried apricots provides a good source of iron
  • Never afraid to come to your help to fight tiredness… remember I am only a bite away!
  • Some days I wake up with so much energy. I want to share it!
  • Not shy to say I am a good source of Vitamin A, a nutrient essential for your eyesight
  • You will be surprised by my flavour and beautiful juicy texture! Try me alone or add me to brighten up your salads
Available: Gold Kiwis
  • Refreshing tropical taste filled with nutrition. Just ideal for adding exciting flavour to your drinks & meals
  • Yellow represents joy and happiness. Fruits with bright colours are not only more fun to consume but those colours mean lots of good nutrition too!
  • Whilst green kiwis are the well-known kiwi classic, gold yellow kiwis are also popular and both contain essential vitamins like Folate, Niacin, Vitamin E and K
  • Soft and juicy flesh which simply melts in your mouth with every bite. Firm, no hard cores or stringy fibre
  • I will certainly bring sunshine to every plate, try it with your kids today!
Available: Kiwis & Green Grapes
  • Use frozen, halved grapes instead of ice as a natural way to chill, add fun and sweetness to your drinks
  • Crispy green mix of vitamins
  • 100% goodness, zero guilt nor hangover!
  • Toss them through steamed couscous with plenty of chopped fresh herbs and pistachio nuts
  • Naturally awesome partner of soft cheeses such as brie or camembert, blue cheese and even cheddar
Available: Blueberries
  • Tiny little fruits to eat as a healthy snack when that sugar craving arrives
  • Rather cute, but packing a powerful nutritional punch!
  • Good to keep handy to stimulate your brainpower
  • In fruit salads, sprinkled on yoghurt or porridge, into a smoothie or even baked in a muffin. I should be part of your daily life by now
  • A small cupful a day might keep the wrinkles away, thanks to the powerful dose of antioxidants you get with every mouthful
Available: Sugar Plums & Black Grapes
  • One of the world’s best summer fruits, thanks to leading horticultural practices and perfect warm climates of Australia
  • Did you know? I am a hard-working fruit in aiding both your metabolism and digestion
  • You can mix me in a smoothie or even with some honey to make a rejuvenating face mask!
  • Sweet by nature… that’s why they call me sugar baby. Why choose anything else? With brilliant yellow flesh and exceptional flavour, just pick me for your next snack!
  • The ideal candidate to create prunes and help as a natural laxative, oh yeah!